Daytime Visit from Evening Grosbeaks

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This morning we were visited by a small flock of Evening Grosbeaks comprised of 4 males and 1 female.  While they are not uncommon in the Rocky Mountain area, their numbers have significantly declined in recent years throughout most of the lower 48 states.  They are an irruptive species, which means they usually move south from their breeding grounds every other year or so during the winter. However, they tend to drop by my yard most commonly in spring and fall. I am always surprised when they show up since our ranch is slightly lower in elevation than their usual habitat. The bright yellow, black, grey, and white plumage of the male is stunning. Their large conical bills are perfect for cracking sunflower seeds, and they have been known to devour the entire contents of a sunflower feeder in a single visit.   During their all-too-brief visit this morning, they spent their time nibbling the new buds on the chokecherry trees and ignored my  sunflower feeders.  With any luck, they will pop in again this spring, and perhaps, their "cousin"- the Black-headed Grosbeak, will show up for a visit as well.


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