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Berry Bush Bonanza

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 With all of the rain this spring, our berry bushes are bursting!  Each year we add more berry bushes around the ranch hoping to attract more birds.  Different species of shrubs provide berries for the birds throughout the seasons.  Here is a sampling of our berries as we move into the month of August.

Canada Cherry (not yet ripe)-                                
Canada Cherry (uned.jpg
Chokecherry- a favorite of the robin and waxwings.     

Currants- different varieties with  
Current (uned.jpg
       different colored berries.  

Currant (uned.jpg

 Red-osier Dogwood- a personal                         
                       favorite of mine (and the birds).

Scarlet Elder- beautiful red berries             
elder inedible 2.jpg
                                                                         that the birds never touch.

Honeysuckle- At least two different varieties- orange and red berries.                 

Raspberries- just planted last year.           
Raspberry (uned).jpg

Serviceberry- pronounced "Sarvisberry"
     and devoured by the most species
     of birds on the ranch.                        

More about Young Orioles

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This spring produced a bumper crop of young Bullock's Orioles.  All day long I hear them chattering and begging for food from the tired adults.  I can't resist photographing them from the balcony of our bedroom which is eye level with the trees where they spent most of their day.
oriole begging.jpg

 oriole siblings.jpg
Young oriole in pine.jpg

Young oriole preening 2.jpg

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