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Rosy-finch Drama

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During some winters, we are inundated with flocks of rosy-finches.  This year they showed up on New Years Day as we were watching (appropriately enough) the Rose Bowl Parade. Three different species of rosy-finches populate Northwest Colorado- Gray-crowned, Brown-capped, and Black. While all three species have made an appearance at our feeders this winter, the Gray-crowned Rosy-finches are, by far, the most numerous. Gray-cr.jpg

The first few days I counted only 6 or 7 at the feeders in the early morning hours.  Within a week at least two dozen visited each day. Now more than a hundred rosy-finches consistently are seen roosting and feeding around the yard.  They wait their turn on the roof of the buildings and on tree branches, then, fly to the feeder to gorge on sunflower seeds.

Rosy-finches at feeder.jpg

When flocks of rosy-finches abound, a predator is likely to take notice.  Within the last few days, another visitor has shown up at our feeder- a beautiful, sleek Coopers Hawk.  

Coopers Hawk glaring.jpg                         
And here is the inevitable result......


Sad, but part of what you have to expect when you feed birds!

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